Local Policy

Below are the cannabis-related bills/policies that have been introduced in our local municipalities and are considered priority legislation by UMMC. Following the legislative summary, you will find information about relevant members of the local municipality and their position on UMMC priority legislation.

City of San Diego – Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Testing

The City of San Diego has approved the recreational and medical sales of Cannabis through permitted Marijuana Outlets.  The 15 dispensary facilities approved in the region are also the only operations allowed to conduct mobile delivery of cannabis products.

The San Diego City Council recently commission a task force to create Public Safety and Zoning rules for the ancillary business types operating in the commercial cannabis supply chain.  We applaud the Councils proactive effort to regulate these businesses and are looking forward to working with the City to develop smart, inclusive, and thorough rules for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and testing.

Alex Scherer, President
United Medical Marijuana Coalition