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Informing Policy

UMMC addresses comprehensive cannabis policy by monitoring, evaluating, and communicating the impact on the responsible sale and consumption of medical cannabis.

Our Mission

The United Medical Marijuana Coalition (UMMC) is a professional organization representing legally licensed medical cannabis businesses. Its mission is to protect, improve, and promote the industry and the services provided by its businesses for the benefit of the patients they serve.

Our Mission

The United Medical Marijuana Coalition (UMMC) is a professional organization representing legally licensed medical cannabis businesses. Its mission is to protect, improve, and promote the industry and the services provided by its businesses for the benefit of the patients they serve.  The purpose of the UMMC is to provide leadership for our community and a positive vision of cannabis therapies and its value in health and wellness.  On behalf of cannabis businesses, we accomplish our mission and purpose by affecting public policy and legislation, by promoting high standards in professional ethics and quality of treatment, and by carrying out a constructive strategic plan to help ensure the professional growth and success of the nascent cannabis industry.

Member Benefits

For more information or questions about any of the member benefit programs, please contact Alex Scherer, Membership Manager, at 619.354.0655.

  • Exclusive Discounts and Premiums at Industry Trade Shows and Events
  • Expert Guidance Helps You Produce and Market Safe Products
  • Continuous Advocacy Protects Your Company’s Best Interests
  • Timely Information and Insight Helps You Make Informed Decisions
  • Added Savings Improve Your Bottom Line
  • More Connections Lead to More Opportunities, More Influence


As an industry leading organization, our resources and expertise in business development, industry governance, and legal compliance can play a vital role in the advancement of your business.  We are hailed as pioneers in the local community for all things cannabis and you derive an unrivaled benefit from our in-depth expertise, years of experience, and forward-facing initiatives, including:

  • Guidance in complying with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), CA Proposition 214 and Senate Bill 420, the upcoming Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) and more
  • Safety bulletins
  • Issue briefs on product safety, standards and alignment
  • Statements on multiple aspects of cannabis industry development
  • Workshops and Webinars on compliance, testing requirements and other safety issues
  • Advocacy on the alignment of local, state, and federal laws, standards, and requirements.


UMMC advocates on your behalf, watching out for your interests and speaking with authority on matters of importance to you. We maintain a strong presence in the City of San Diego and are at the forefront of discussion on legislation impacting the industry. UMMC works to keep you informed and connected with key policymakers through various events, initiatives and services, including:

  • Political Engagement, where member companies can engage in small group meetings with delegates, city lawmakers and regulators to discuss the cannabis industry’s unique legislative needs and the vital role that it plays in the U.S. economy.
  • Members-only legislative bulletins on proposed and revised state and federal legislation
  • Members-only issues briefs on industry priorities
  • Participation in UMMC’s State Government Affairs and Local Government Affairs Committees
  • Crisis communications and PR assistance


The cannabis industry is moving fast and on an increasingly global scale. UMMC gets you the hard information you need to accurately assess the marketplace, make better decisions, and improve your bottom line:

  • E-newsletter with weekly updates on breaking industry news and events
  • Members-only bulletins on critical safety, regulatory, legislative and trade issues
  • Year-round webinars, educational sessions, and seminars
  • Annual report on TIA’s financial position, accomplishments and philanthropy


In addition to UMMC’s professional benefits, the many economic member benefits bring you exceptional value and return on investment:

  • Discounts on exhibit space, advertising, sponsorship, promotions, and more on local cannabis trade shows and events.
  • Free admission to year-round webinars on a variety of industry-related topics

Benefits available through UMMCs Partner Programs:

  • Access to insurance broker contacts who offer best-rate packages, including liability insurance for product recalls, property and casualty insurance, general liability insurance, cultivation crop insurance, employee benefits programs, and more
  • Discounted facility alarm services and security personnel rates offered exclusively to UMMC members
  • Discounts on Product Testing; including Potency, Contaminents, Cannabinoid Profiles, and more
  • Lower rates on advertisements through local and national media outlets.


UMMC membership enables you to connect, correspond, and collaborate with other members, and to build lasting relationships. No other organization casts as wide a net when it comes to the ability to keep you in touch with colleagues throughout the industry. Whether through face-to-face interactions or online via email and social media, let UMMC serve as your portal to the brightest minds in the business.



Business and Legislation

Medical and recreational cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the Country.  It is important to engage in its development politically and legislatively as it all directly impacts your business interests.  UMMC provides a strong voice for industry stakeholders as we work with lawmakers and courts to define and evolve our business interests.  Joining UMMC means your interests are represented!



Strength in Numbers

As a trade group of licensed medical marijuana businesses we are able to utilize our leadership in the industry to attain premium rates on an array of services vital to your operation.  Our service partners can provide exclusive pricing on security services, insurance, product testing, production and manufacturing, and more.  Take advantage of the key relationships we’ve established to better position you in the growing industry.



Daily Developments

It seems as if each day there are new developments in the cannabis industry.  From local, State and Federal laws, to precedent setting court rulings, UMMC is here to filter and provide relevant insight into how these changes impact you.  Being at the forefront of the industry also provides us insight into business trends, developing technology, and new science that will posture you advantageously for the future.


Information on the cannabis-related bills/policies that have been introduced in our local municipalities and are considered priority legislation by UMMC. Following the legislative summary, you will find information about relevant members of the local municipality and their position on UMMC priority legislation.

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